What is 52 by 52?

Over fifty-two weeks a selection of the world’s leading contemporary photographers created challenges for members of an online community. The 52 by 52 project aimed to stretch its members creatively, encouraging experimentation in terms of approach as well as aesthetics.

The project featured challenges from amongst others, Nadav Kander, Simon Roberts, Edward Burtynsky, Christopher Anderson, Harry Benson, Gerd Ludwig, Olivia Arthur, Terry O’Neill, Roger Ballen, Donald Weber, Alec Soth, Chris Floyd, Benjamin Lowy, Palani Mohan, Marcus Bleasdale, David Maisel, Phillip Toledano, Simon Norfork, Martin Parr, David Chancellor, Peter Dench and The Caravan Gallery.

26 by 26 follows on from the success of 52 by 52 which ran in 2011/2012. The forerunner to 26 by 26 attracted some of the world’s leading contemporary photographers and fostered a vibrant community. At the end of the twelve months a book was published which aimed to showcase a small selection of the 1300+ images submitted.

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The 52 by 52 Challenges

Reflections on 52 by 52

For most enthusiastic amateurs talking about photography is, in most of the cases, just technical talk, and this is a perfect opportunity for every participant to leave the nerd-talk behind and concentrate on the really important knowledge of photography – the story behind the pictures.
– Klaus Pichler (week #28 challenge setter)

[52 by 52] encouraged me to be a photographic explorer of the world. I have discovered the sheer joy and pleasure of image making…
– k8ie Smith

I’ve learnt to be braver and to be more open in my photography i.e. “come out” as a photographer
– Lerpix

The main thing I have learnt is to take risks…with technique and ideas/concepts and to try anything that may “work”.
– Julia Cameron

The greatest memory of participating in 52 by 52 will be the generosity, warmth and honesty of the members of the community. Particularly when for most of us each week was tackling an approach that was new to us and therefore confidence often was brittle.
– Mark Russell

…the weekly challenge, discussion and the other members’ fabulous contributions have really helped improve at least my thought processes…
– @markglomas

Enjoyment – learning – making contacts – improving skills – broadening horizons
– Steve Leverett

I’ve been introduced to a plethora of others work, I’m sure that I wouldn’t have discovered on my own.
– Jolex88

I have really appreciated the constructive, positive and detailed responses I have received from others for my efforts.
– Voltaire2010

It’s taught me to be patient, reflective, full of self critique, responsive, idealistic, confident enough to critique other peoples work, the list goes on and on. Most of all it’s made me a better photographer.
– scala66