I want you to make an inspired and beautiful contribution to the culture that you are a part of. Document the process with an image.
— Simon Høgsberg

Simon adds…
“You could plant a tree, you could call someone whom you know needs the call, or you could form a group of positive, like-minded individuals. You decide. I want you to be courageous and to do something that will inspire the rest of us to follow your example. Make sure to photograph every step you take. You should submit the one image that best catches the essence of your action.”

Simon Høgsberg  |  Member’s submissions for #26

Lookup the meaning of “hiraeth” and take a photo of it.
— Bryan Schutmaat

Bryan Schutmaat  |  Member’s submissions for #25

Capture the split second that the image is just right.
— Sue Flood

Sue Flood  |  Member’s submissions for #24

Tell me what your image is telling you.
— Jaap Scheeren

Jaap adds…
“And don’t be scared of the cliche. If you are, consider yourself to be tree instead of the human you (think/hope/dream) you are, and try again.”

Jaap Scheeren  |  Member’s submissions for #23

Photograph someone sleeping.
— Anastasia Taylor-Lind

Anastasia Taylor-Lind  |  Member’s submissions for #22

Photograph only in the dark.
— Julia Fullerton-Batten

Julia Fullerton-Batten  |  Member’s submissions for #21

If for some reason you were told you would not be around when your children were adults, what image would you create for them?
— Elinor Carucci

Elinor adds…
“Consider what image you can leave for them that will convey the core of our life, what is really meaningful, what is important according to you?”

Elinor Carucci  |  Member’s submissions for #20

Take a photograph of your present.
— Alain Laboile

Alain adds…
“Yesterday is history,
Tomorrow is a mystery,
Today is a gift,
That’s why it is called the present.”

– Master Oogway (Kung Fu Panda)

Alain Laboile  |  Member’s submissions for #19


Take a photograph using an image capturing device that is totally inappropriate to the subject matter.


Take a photograph of, or representative of, something normally immaterial or invisible. Such as sound, music, air pollution, toxic waste, love…
— Mark Neville

Mark Neville  |  Member’s submissions for #18

Make a picture that strives to demonstrate empathy for a subject you may not have necessarily felt a sense of emotional connection to before.
— Zun Lee

Zun adds…
“Robert Capa famously said “if your pictures aren’t good enough you aren’t close enough.” Many interpret this quote as referring to physical proximity. However, the closeness Capa spoke about also encompasses emotional closeness, or empathy toward a subject or subject matter. Caring about a subject (whilst not necessarily sympathizing) makes a visible difference in how we photograph, I believe.”

Zun Lee  |  Member’s submissions for #17