Members’ Book

The 26 by 26 Members’ Book aims to showcase a small selection of the images submitted to the year-long project.  It is hoped that the book gives a flavour of the diverse work created in a plethora of styles and formats.

Hardback →

Hardback details – approx 25x21cm, £38.19


Softcover details – approx 24x20cm, £33.19

Small Softcover

Small Softcover details – Approx 21×13 cm, £16.86

eBook for Apple devices
eBook for Android devices

Digital edition details – Apple devices £1.49, Android devices £1.79.

PDF edition for any device:

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52 by 52, 26 by 26 and 12 by 12 are non-profit organisations but there are some costs needed to run the projects, for example the website hosting, promotional postcards, book dummies etc. The printed formats are all sold at cost prices, with the project making no profits from these. However a proportion of the price of the digital editions does go towards helping to support the project and enables us to attract new members. So thank you if you’ve bought a digital copy of the book!

Book preview: